HABER Network

Open Web Protocol

Decentralized Network for Distributed Ecosystem

HABER Ecosystem

HABER ecosystem consists of six beneficiary groups, each playing a critical role for HABER’s success and having a fair share in the total wealth generated by the network.


Users are the ultimate beneficiaries of HABER services. Free information is the aim and core deliverable of HABER.  By providing feedback the users help achieve and enjoy access to free information. Users thus contribute in making independent media a reality.  

PUBLIQ technology and economy enable creation and distribution of censorship free, authentic, and quality content to its audiences.


HABER places creatives at the center of its ecosystem by enabling a censorship free environment where they share their stories, get full protection of their rights and receive fair rewards for their work and contribution. Rewards are distributed based on real-time reputation-stake exclusively shaped by the users’ feedback. Authors receive a fair share in both newly mined HABER tokens and total advertising HABER revenue generated in HABER.

Channel Nodes

Channels distribute free HABER content to its global audiences and contribute in making the ecosystem steril from bad actors. Though unable to censor, however channels are natural curators in HABER as have discretion and the right to decide whether a particular content shall be distributed to their audience or not.  They receive a fair share in both newly mined HABER tokens and total advertising HABER revenue generated in HABER commensurate to their contribution.

Blockchain Nodes

Nodes validate all network transactions attempting to issue the next block and mine new HABER tokens. The best one to issue is determined by HABER original proof of utility consensus, which takes into account the reported distances from the hash of the last block as well as the size of the stake for each node. The winner gets a fair quantity of new tokens. Anyone HABER potentially become a node as long as s/he has a relevant stake in HABER.